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The Ranger's Disciple

Welcome to the homepage of the graphic novel
written by Toy Spears
with art by Adrian Crasmaru aka Crisuadi.
Published by Soul Bullet Entertainment

The World of the Ranger's Disciple

In a world where the Confederacy won the American Civil War and as a result the Industrial Revolution stalled once reaching steam as the pinnacle of power. In Issue #1 the adventure begins with Jobe, a Ranger (the national police force) has headed into the 1000 Nations to rescue a set of peculiar girls that are being trafficked as sex slaves.

As Issue#1 opens Jobe is a prisoner, but who is holding him captive?

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Toy Spears

Meet the Writer

Toy Spears hails from Nashville with his wife and three kids.  While his current day job is in constuction.  Toy has a back ground in screenwriting, producing, and directing.  His first love has always been comics and is where he has currently followed his passions back too.   

Current comic projects include The Ranger's Disciple with Crisadi, and Sword of the Shadowmoon.

Other current writing projects include The Ring of Solomon (GN), Dragon Soul (GN) and Bushido Gun (GN)  also working on the screenplay and novel for Red Star White Star, a story set in the Korean War.




Adrian Crasmaru

Meet the Artist

Romanian artist, Adrian, lives and breathes comics. Adrian "Crisuadi" Crâşmaru – studied art, and has worked on scene décor, painting, graphics and stained glass windows.

In the last few years, he has worked on the scripts of several young writers, such as Martin John – Dying for a meal and Music Box.  Most recently, he has worked with writer Kelly Bender on – The Other Half  and What was once yours is mine. The later was recently published in an  by Evil Moose Comics .

Adrian's first full comic, HANG LOW AIM HIGH, written by Kelly Bender was released in 2014. Also with KB, Restitution – The Legend of Cordell Pierce is slated for release later in 2017 . Crisuadi has worked with Wes Locher – Syllabus and with Frank Martin – The Schoolyard Monster.